Why should you test your cooking oil?

In view of the steep rise in the price of vegetable cooking oil. Every Drop is Valuable!

What can you do when the price of cooking oil keeps rising? Make sure the raw material is used as efficiently as possible – with the 3M Cooking Oil Test Strips.

Seafood, Fries, chicken nuggets or donuts: Fried food is tasty and super popular all over the world. Aiming for the best quality fried food for your customers is top priority.

The quality of your fried foods directly depends on the quality of the cooking oil.

The quality of your fried food is directly dependent on the quality of the cooking oil. By using a simple oil test, designed to measure the degree of breakdown of the shortening/oil after prolonged usage in your deep-frying vats. You can reduce costs and establish when to correctly discard your used cooking oil. If your cooking oil is changed too late, the oil is already contaminated by degradation products, and the fried product suffers. Changing the oil too early also has a noticeable effect on your spending.

What is causing the Cooking oil price to rise in South Africa?

Did you know that even though South Africa has a low reliance on Ukraine & Russia for sunflower cooking oil, we are experiencing a knock-on effect, as we do rely heavily on Bulgaria, Romania, Spain & Portugal for Sunflower Cooking Oil?

Experts have advised that South Africa will be indirectly affected by the shortage of Ukrainian exports.  It is going to immediately push the European prices through the roof, which causes a demand for Argentinian sunflower oil. This, in turn, pushes their South American prices up.

Don’t prematurely discard shortening to protect your food quality.

Test strips are super convenient – Here are the Benefits of using Cooking Oil Test Strips:

  • Fast & Clear Reading
  • Cost Saving
  • No Training Required
  • No need to clean probes/thermometer units

Maintain Consistent Quality fried & safe food

Including 3M oil test strips in your kitchen, you can Save up to 35% of your spending on Cooking Oil. You will no longer need to prematurely discard shortening to protect your food quality & safety.

In contrast to the 3M Oil Test Strips, also available are ETI Cooking Oil Test Strips and the benefits are:

  • Inexpensive compared to the 3M Oil Test Strips
  • Must be used in temperatures lower than 40˚C
  • Has a long expiry date of over 12 months
  • Simple Dip-and-read method
  • Has easy-to-read colour chart
  • Contains 100 test strips per bottle

The ETI Cooking Oil Test Strips will assist in keeping your fried food the safest and highest quality it can be.

Both the ETI Cooking Oil Test Strips and 3M Oil Test Strips have their benefits and their disadvantages. Either one that you choose will help keep your fried food quality high and your kitchen food safe.

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