ETI Cooking Oil Test Strips

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Save money by preventing the premature disposal of your cooking oil.

* 100 Strips per Bottle
* Get quick, immediate results after direct dipping (15 – 30 seconds)
* Test to be done in cool oil (below 40C)
* Easy to use, no need for staff training
* Works equally well in animal, vegetable or A/V blend shortenings

These Frying Oil Quality Test Strips will help you keep the quality of your fried food high, as well as helping save money by preventing the premature disposal of cooking oil.

The test strips work equally well in animal, vegetable and A/V blend frying oil (shortening). They are sold in storage bottles of 100 Oil Quality Test Strips which includes an easy to read colour chart.

To test your fryer oil, hold the test strip by the long white end, and dip the test strip into the oil (max oil temperature 40 °C) so all of the coloured band is submerged. Hold the test strip in the oil for 2 seconds, then remove it and wait 2 minutes, next, compare the strip to the colour chart.

It is recommended that the testing of the frying oil is carried out at the start of each shift/working day before the user starts to apply heat to the oil.

To ensure accuracy, the test strips should not be stored in humid conditions or in an area where they may be exposed to water or oil before use.

*Information supplied directly from ETI LTD UK

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