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The Importance of pH in Meat Quality and Food Safety

Harnessing the Power of Thermometers and pH Meters pH plays a crucial role in determining [...]

Preventing Cross-Contamination

The Crucial Link Between Food Safety and Healthy Habits In the world of food preparation, [...]

The Impact of pH on Fermentation

Enhancing Food Safety with pH Meters Fermentation, a time-honored process utilized in the production of [...]

Cold Chain Management in Loadshedding

It is about Thermal Monitoring! “The see-sawing rolling blackout schedule is not only playing havoc [...]

Sanitizing vs Disinfecting

When it comes to cleaning, the words sanitize and disinfect are often used interchangeably. But [...]

8 Food Safety Mistakes

Following this article, we felt it was a good idea to elaborate and help you [...]

Understanding HACCP

What is HACCP? HACCP is a health and safety guideline. Here are five basic principles [...]

Calibration Deep Dive

A thermometer used for food preparation and storage is required by HACCP to be calibrated. [...]

Purpose-Built Thermometers for HACCP

You need a reliable tool for each stage of your plan. From food storage and [...]

98% of PMI Customers are Food Safety Audited

Oh, My, Word! That’s how most of our customers approach Health & Safety Audit season. [...]