98% of PMI Customers are Food Safety Audited

Oh, My, Word!

That’s how most of our customers approach Health & Safety Audit season.

Having the correct instruments isn’t top of mind, because, let’s be honest, it isn’t the focus of the business.

When you as a business are not aligned with HACCP, it does more harm to your bottom line than good.
Creating a good HACCP structure with the correct instruments will ensure a better end product and happier clients.

Also, getting a thermometer doesn’t need to be daunting, doesn’t need a degree to operate and it isn’t pricey.

Here is PMI’s secret to a great audit score – Have the following at your retail shop:

  • Probe Thermometer with Calibration Certificate [SANAS]
  • Infrared [IR] Thermometer
  • Oil Test Strips
  • Chlorine or Quat Test Strips

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