Purpose-Built Thermometers for HACCP

You need a reliable tool for each stage of your plan. From food storage and deliveries to food preparation, and service.

It doesn’t matter the stage, PMI has the perfect solution for each temperature step of your HACCP plan.


Raytemp 2 Infrared Thermometer [Pictured Above]

Check temperatures of fresh food deliveries

Quick & easy use

Food Storage

TD Logger [Pictured Above]

Cooling Area’s, Hot Area’s & Transport

LED / LCD display

Maintain safe fridge/freezer conditions

Receive digital alerts for out-of-range temperatures

Access data worldwide online

Food Preparation

Therma 20 [Pictured Above]

Ensure food is cooked to safe temperatures

Assured accuracy for the life of the thermometer

High system accuracy

Food Service

Thermapen ONE [Pictured Above]

Reaches temperature in just ONE second

Reheat or keep food held at a safe temperature

Combo Thermometer [Pictured Above]

Two-in-One Thermometer, probe, and infrared

Manufacturer’s Calibration Certificate valid for 1 year


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