Raytemp 2 Infrared Thermometer

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This low-cost, easy-to-use, and reliable, accurate infrared thermometer is excellent for quickly testing the surface temperature of any surface.

The ETI RayTemp 2 is highly recommended for use in professional kitchens – you can use this thermometer to get an accurate measurement of a hot surface such as a grill pan or hot plate without the need to actually make contact with the surface. This both enhances your safety and reduces the chance of cross-contamination between foods/bacteria as no direct contact with the surface is actually made.

For best results, hold the RayTemp 2 as close as possible to the surface. The thermometer’s distance-to-spot ratio is 5:1, which means that you should hold the thermometer around 5 inches away for a measurement spot of approximately one inch. Users should note that the RayTemp 2 does not include a laser pointer for targeting, however as the distance to spot ratio is so close, this shouldn’t be an issue.

RayTemp 2 can measure temperatures from -49.9 to 349.9°C with resolutions of 0.1°C and 1°c. Accuracy depends on the measurement range – results are accurate to ±1°C between the range of 0 to 100°C and are accurate to ±2°C at any point above 100°C.

Additional features of the ETI RayTemp 2 infrared thermometer include switchable Celsius and Fahrenheit measurement modes, a MAX/MIN mode that calculates the maximum and minimum values taken over a period of time and ETI’s Biomaster additive coating which is designed to reduce bacterial growth.

The ETI RayTemp 2 is an authentic product that has been designed and manufactured in Britain and is supplied as standard with a free traceable certificate of calibration from ETI.


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