Which Thermapen Works Best For You?

We decided to smash into one place our similar products so that you are able to best decide which of our amazing products works best for your application.

We have taken the very popular Thermapen Classic and sided it with the Thermapen ONE & Thermapen Blue Thermometer.

The specs of these amazing thermometers speak for themselves – Take a look:

Let’s get into these facts a bit more:

What is the reading speed?

Thermapen Classic and the Thermapen Blue Thermometer both have a reading speed of 3-seconds. This does mean it takes a little time before you get your reading however it is accurate.

With the Thermapen ONE, you will get a full reading in just one second. It is completely in a category by itself when it comes to an “instant-read” thermometer. The Thermapen ONE achieves a new standard of accuracy, so you know your readings are correct.

With or Without a Display?

The Thermapen Classic and Thermapen ONE both have digital displays on the unit. You have an automatic backlight on the Thermapen ONE. The light sensor is sensitive to changes in the ambient lighting conditions. Making it easier to use in storage units and dimly lit areas.

However, having a display is optional since the completely digital Thermapen Blue Thermometer is available.

Once you have the Thermapen Blue Thermometer connected to your host device via Bluetooth (iOS or Android) you can probe the item to be measured and press the button to securely transmit your temperature data via a secure connection [a whopping 50-meter range]. Super easy and fast way of keeping a solid digital record of temperature data recorded.

What is Biomaster?

Biomaster is included in the ABS Plastic. The active ingredient in Biomaster is silver. Silver has been used in its pure form for many centuries to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Incredibly durable, long-lasting, and highly active, when Biomaster is added during manufacture it is dispersed throughout the product casing, will not wash off, and will last for its entire lifetime. Biomaster provides antimicrobial protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance.

What are the PMI Recommendations?

Thermapen ONE – This is perfect for chefs needing instant and accurate readings. Can be used for steak, sugar work, chocolate tempering etc

Thermapen Classic – For quick, easy use in the kitchen for perfectly cooked food. No Braai will be complete without it!

Thermapen Blue Thermometer – The Thermapen Blue combines Bluetooth® wireless technology with the same high accuracy, precision, and speed as delivered by the SuperFast Thermapen ONE. We recommend it for your paperless temperature recordings directly to your smart device.

Now that you have all the relevant information at your fingertips, you can let us know which Thermapen best suits your needs and place your order today.

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