ATAGO™ Oil Monitor DOM-24

    🍳 Is Your Oil Still Fresh?
    The quality of your oil isn’t just about taste—it’s about health. As oil degrades, it not only affects the flavor of your dishes but can also lead to health concerns for your customers. Degraded oil produces harmful peroxides, leading to further oxidation and potential health issues like heartburn or nausea.

    📊 Why Guess When You Can Measure?
    Don’t rely on guesswork. With the DOM-24, you can quantitatively and objectively assess the quality of your oil, ensuring you change it out at just the right time. This not only guarantees the best flavor for your dishes but also helps in reducing costs by maximizing the oil’s lifespan.

    🌟 ATAGO’s Recommendation:
    Regularly monitor your oil’s quality with the DOM-24. It’s an essential tool for every kitchen aiming for both top-notch flavor and customer health.

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