Senz pH Pro Meter

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The Senz pH Pro is specially designed for high accuracy and ruggedness. It’s excellent features are best suited for industries, laboratories and clinics, where accuracy is of utmost importance. The tester is equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) to make accurate calibrations, which enhances accuracy in subsequent tests.

Its ruggedness is unmatched by any similar pocket size tester. The uniquely re-enforced glass sensor can withstand accidental drops and shocks.
One-Touch 2 Point Calibration
On activation, the tester recognizes pH buffers at 7, 4, 10 and it performs 2 point calibrations and complete the end-point reading automatically.
Auto-End Point
Eliminates guesswork! The tester automatically senses a stable end-point reading and freezes it for recording.
Beep Function

The tester beeps at every press of a button and beeps on every completed function and end-point reading.

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