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Temperature Labels

LCR Hallcrest manufactures a wide range of food safety and industrial thermometers and temperature indicators, combining technological innovation with accuracy. The products are simple, easy to use and require little training. They can be introduced to monitor and verify temperature critical processes immediately.


Irreversible temperature indicators are available over a range of -17°c to 1270°c which are used in numerous applications such as food, medical, automotive, aerospace and engineering industries are examples where knowing the temperature is imperative, but difficult to measure in any other way than by the use of a flat graphic display. You can check that your dishwashers are complying with HACCP regulations, and are heating to the required temperature to kill bacteria by using the TDI labels. These irreversible labels are stuck onto an item prior to the wash cycle and measure the hottest temperature reached during the dishwash cycle. They can then be retained for your records.

Reversible temperature indicators are manufactured using using a non-toxic mixture of liquid crystal esters and have an accuracy of ± 1°c. They are ideal for both industrial and domestic use. They reveal a coloured symbol as the temperature rises or falls through the scale indicated and ideal for use in fridges, freezers and rooms as hot indicators and for food in transit.


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